Can gun light – Labino MB Zeus with Athena attachment for aerosol

Can Gun Light

Speaking about battery powered LED UV-A inspection lights, Met-L-Chek has available a clever light that fits on a can gun for aerosol cans. The can gun may be attached
to an aerosol can of fluorescent MPI materials such as MPI-1400B, or FP-923 penetrant, or D-70 non-aqueous developer. The light can also be removed from the can gun to be used in tight recesses and other difficult inspection situations. Some of the big features of the MB Zeus are:

  • High intensity, 4,000 μW/cm² at 38 cm/15 inches, over 15 cm (6 inches) diameter inspection area.
  • Certified wavelength of 365nm (+5).
  • Low visible light emission (< 2 foot candles / < 20 lx).
  • Compact design 11 cm by 2.8 cm; weight 160 g.
  • Low power consumption ( < 2W )
  • Environmental case dust and water resistant.
  • Specification compliance to intensity requirements of ASTM, ASME, AMS, ISO specifications for fluorescent penetrant and magnetic particles inspection.