FWP-931A Water Containing Penetrant is Approved

Something New and Green

Met-L-Chek is pleased to announce that it has AMS-2644 approval for it’s newest penetrant FWP-931A.

This is a Type 1 (fluorescent) Method A (water washable) Sensitivity Level 1 penetrant. What makes this news worthy is that this is a water
based penetrant not based on petroleum oil and solvents. This material is more environmentally friendly, more cost effective and QPL approved for level one sensitivity inspection. The material is available in ready to use form, FWP-931A or as a concentrate (FWP-931AC).
The concentrate must be diluted with distilled or deionized water at one part penetrant to one part water(50%), to meet the AMS-2644
approval requirements. Being a water based product the concentration must be maintained.

Water based penetrants have been used for years for leak detection and low level inspections where no sensitivity requirements were in place. Now it is possible to use a material that will provide a known level of sensitivity for non aerospace applications such as in automotive inspection of nonferrous parts. For those familiar with the known defect process monitoring panels or starbust panels, this material can
produce up to 4 star indications routinely.

If you have a requirement for a cost effective, qualified low sensitivity inspection material this just might be for you.