How to Search the Qualified Products List (QPL) for Penetrants

How to Search the QPL for SAE AMS 2644

Enter the following in your internet browser: and allow permissions

  1. Enter “2644” in the “search for” field

  2. Select “governing spec” from pull down menu in the “search by:” tab

  3. Click “SAE-AM2644” from the search results

  4. Results are populated by nomenclature of penetrant systems

    1. Click “type 1 method a level 3 “from the list

Results are then populated by the manufacturers product name, cage code, address, and green light if certified.


Only those materials listed on the QPL with a “green light” are certified and have been formally evaluated by the qualifying activity and found to be compliant to a specification. The QPL’s help the NDT industry by:

  • Ensuring product performance, quality, and reliability independent of any acquisition or contract.

  • Speeding the procurement and assembly qualification processes

  • Proving that manufacturer’s products or processes are in conformance with the requirements in the governing specification

The qualifying agency for direct U.S. Military procurement is AFRL/MLSA, 2179 12th Street, Ste 122, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH, 45433-7718, (937) 656-9151. AFRL-MLSA will maintain the qualified products list for military procurement of penetrant materials, replacing QPL-25135, and will audit and approve other testing facilities to perform all or portions of the tests contained herein.

Peter Pelayo

Quality Manager

ASNT/NAS 410 NDT Level 3 #177314

Met-L-Chek, a division of Cee-Bee Aviation Products

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