CircleSafe® 778 – Fluorescent Water Method (Concentrate)

Mi-Glow®800 fluorescent yellow-green particles premixed with liquid Wetting Agent 771 for use in water media. This advanced formulation allows for superior corrosion protection, wetting and particle mobility. It is designed to be used with UV-A light to detect very fine discontinuities in finished products. This material is used in the automotive and aerospace industries on finished component parts, where extra corrosion protection is required

778 dilution ratio is 1 part 778 to 39 parts water.

Available as:

  • 4 x 1 Qrt


Product Data Sheet: Download

Safety Data Sheet Bulk: Download

Particle Color: Fluorescent Yellow-Green

Specific Gravity: 1.3 g/ml for the concentrate

Particle Size:Not less than 98% passage through US Standard No. 325 (45μm) sieve as defined in AMS 3044. The typical range of particle sizes is from 2 to 5μm, with an average particle size of 3 μm.

Sensitivity: Mi-Glow®778 shows a minimum of 8 lines on an AISI 01 Ketos tool steel ring (as defined in SAE AS5282), set on a 1-inch diameter copper bar, magnetized with 2500 A of direct current.

Temperature Limits: 32-120°F (0-49°C)

Shelf Life: One (1) year, when sealed bottles are not subjected to extreme heat or cold.