CircleSafe® 778A – Aerosol Fluorescent Water Method

CircleSafe®778A is an aerosol spray can of Mi-Glow®800 fluorescent yellow-green particles and liquid Wetting Agent 771, formulated in water media. It is designed to be used with UV-A light inspection to detect very fine discontinuities found in finished products and critical, highly stressed component parts. Its ultra-bright, ultra-sensitive particles allow for excellent detection. This aerosol is packaged in a carbon dioxide propellant for odor-free, fume-free, non-combustible inspection.

Available as:

  • 12 x 16oz Aerosols



Product Data Sheet: Download

Safety Data Sheet Bulk: Download

Particle Color: Fluorescent Yellow-Green

Specific Gravity: 2.0 grams of particles per liter of fluid.

Particle Size:Not less than 98% passage through US Standard No. 325 (45μm) sieve as defined in AMS 3044. The typical range of particle sizes is from 1 to 12 μm, with an average particle size of 5 μm.

Sensitivity: Mi-Glow®778A shows a minimum of 8 lines on an AISI 01 Ketos tool steel ring (as defined in SAE AS5282), set on a 1-inch diameter copper bar, magnetized with 2500 A of direct current.

Temperature Limits: 120°F Maximum

Shelf Life: Two (2) years when stored in a clean area, away from excessive heat or cold.