George Orwell wrote a wonderful story entitled “Animal Farm”, in which one of the classic events was the posting of a sign that read, “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than  others.” It turns out that with regard to the testing of emulsifier strength, like in the Orwell story, while all refractometers are presumably equal, some of the refractometers seem to be more equal
than others. NADCAP requires that the user of hydrophilic emulsifier prepare a new concentration chart for each new batch of emulsifier that is used. Presumably this is because a chart prepared by the manufacturer may not be the same as a chart prepared by the user. It can be a question of some refractometers being more equal than others. To deal with this, Met-L-Chek® is offering calibrated refractometers that are in sync with the concentration chart that accompanies the emulsifier, E-58D. When the user prepares a chart for a fresh batch of emulsifier, and uses one of these calibrated refractometers, the chart will be the same as the chart supplied by Met-LChek ®. If you are interested in one of these calibrated tools, please contact us or your local Met-L-Chek® distributor.