What Do The Numbers On The Bottom Of The Can Mean

What Do the Numbers Mean

We often get calls asking what the numbers mean on the bottom of the aerosol cans and how do they relate to our certification for the product. The first set of numbers is the canning or packaging date when the aerosol was filled. The next set of numbers is the canning code used by the canner to track their production. The set of numbers following “BC#” is the batch number. This consisting of 4 numbers an alphabetic letter and then 2 numbers. The first 4 numbers are the batch. The letter is for the month of the batch, “A” being January. We skip the letter “I” to avoid confusion with the number 1. The last 2 numbers are the year. So 7753A18 is batch 7753 January 2018. If the BC# had been 7753G18 it would mean it was batch 7753 July 2018. The batch certification shows the product batch manufacture approval date which would be before the canning date on the bottom of the aerosol can.