Met-L-Chek manufactures a complete line of SAE QPL AMS 2644 approved method B & D emulsifiers for post emulsifiable fluorescent penetrants. Penetrants and emulsifiers are qualified to the AMS-2644 specification together, which means that they must be used as a family of materials.

Method B, Lipophilic – Uses E-57 as supplied concentrate.
Method D, Hydrophilic – Uses E-58D as:
Immersion: 17-20 % concentration
Spray: < 5 % concentration

Emulsifiers meet the OSHA open tank use requirement of having Flash Points over 200 ̊F (93 ̊C). They are low in sulfur (< 200 ppm), chlorine (< 200 ppm), and other halogens, making them safe for use on titanium and high nickel alloys.

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