Visible Penetrant

Met-L-Chek manufactures a complete line of visible (Type II) dye penetrant inspection materials qualified to AMS-2644. They meet the requirements of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, ASTM E-165, ASTM E-1417, NAVSEA 250-1500-1, RDT, and EdF; RCC-M for penetrant inspection. They are low in sulfur, chlorine, and other halogens, making them safe for use on Titanium and high Nickel alloys in nuclear applications.
Visible inspection penetrants are used primarily for field applications were darkening the inspection area and the use of a black light (UVA) is impractical, in maintenance repair and safety checks, and in manufacturing processes where a visible indication helps in locating the area for subsequent repair work, such as in large rough castings. Visible penetrants are also used for through leak testing of heat exchangers and tanks, where penetrant is applied to one side and developer to the other.

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