RLP-1 Dual Light Response, Type 3, Method A & C

Type: III

Method: A & C

Sensitivity Level: N/A

RLP-1 is a water based, dual light response visible and fluorescent (Type 3) penetrant. It is designed for through leak testing and general metal working surface flaw detection and gives visible red indications under white light and fluorescent orange indications under UV-A illumination. In the fluorescent mode of inspection smaller discontinuities may be detected than in the visible mode. It is a biodegradable penetrant being free of solvents and oils making it useful for inspection on plastics that may be attacked by more traditional penetrants.

Being a water based penetrant it may be diluted with water to fit the inspection needs. The most common dilutions are 1:1 and 3:1 water to RLP-1.

For Method C applications it is used with E-59, E-59A, R-503, and R-504.


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Through Leak Method: For through leak testing the penetrant is applied to one side of the component and then developer is applied to the opposite side. Thickness of the component will effect the dwell time which may range from 10 minutes to 2 hours.

Visible penetrants are not rated by sensitivity levels per AMS-2644 but are considered approximately equal to level 1 fluorescent penetrants. 50μ discontinuities are readily detected and under controlled conditions 30μ size defects may be highlighted by visible penetrants. ISO-3452 does rate visible penetrants by sensitivity level with #2 being the most sensitive. VP-30 is a level 2 per this specifications requirements.