VP-31A Post Emulsifiable & Solvent Removeable

Type: II

Method: B & C

Sensitivity Level: 2 (ISO-3452)

VP-31A is designed for use in general metalworking, welding, nuclear and automotive applications for surface flaw and through leak detection.

For Method B application, use with E-50 emulsifier.

For Method C applications it is used with E-59, E-59A, R-503, and R-504.



Product Data Sheet: Download

Safety Data Sheet: emai info@met-l-chek.com

Certified to SAE AMS 2644 and on the Qualified Parts List.

Approvals: ASTM E-165, ASTM E-1417, ASTM E-1418, ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code Section V, Article 6, NAVSEA 250-1500 -1, T9074-AS-G1B-010/271 (MIL-STD -2132), RCC-M edition 2000, Section V-F, sub-section F6423 ¶ 3, Velan PS-008, Rev. 10, ISO/FDIS 3452-2, Framatome ANP Seimens AG; NFQS DC 103 Rev B 2004 ¶ MC 4200, and Flowserve.

Visible penetrants are not rated by sensitivity levels per AMS-2644 but are considered approximately equal to level 1 fluorescent penetrants. 50μ discontinuities are readily detected and under controlled conditions 30μ size defects may be highlighted by visible penetrants. ISO-3452 does rate visible penetrants by sensitivity level with #2 being the most sensitive. VP-30 is a level 2 per this specifications requirements.