Shelf Life


We frequently get questions concerning the shelf life of our products. Shelf life is a term that can be defined differently by different manufacturers, and we explain what is the practice for Met-LChek Company. This information is also contained in the literature on the Met-L-Chek® web site. Met-LChek Company defines shelf life as the period of storage time, at ambient (15.5˚C – 37.7˚C / 60˚F -100˚F)  conditions, during which an inspection material will retain its functionality in a closed container. The shelf life of most Met-L-Chek Company inspection penetrant materials is five (5) years from date of batch approval. The shelf life of aerosol inspection materials is also 5 years provided that the aerosol propellant has not escaped and the can still sprays. This shelf life period is exceeded by most materials and the 5 year period is provided only as a storage guide. Older materials performance may be verified through the Met-L-Chek Company Pen-Chek® recertification program. The shelf life of an individual material is shown on the material certification provided with each purchase.
Material certifications are available for each batch of material and identified by a specific batch number.