D-72A Dry Powder Developer, Form A

Type: I

Method: A, B, C, D

Form: A

D-72A dry powder developer consists of light fluffy absorbent, low toxicity powders. The particles are very light and will float in the air and are considered a nuisance dust. This form of developer is generally applied in special storm or dust chamber equipment, but may also be dusted on to parts with a feather duster, or electrostatic spray. If sprayed avoid build up of a heavy developer film. A very fine dusting is the recommended coverage. The developer film is easily removed from the part surface with water after inspection.




Product Data Sheet: Download

Safety Data Sheet: email info@met-l-chek.com

Certified to SAE AMS 2644 and on the Qualified Parts List.

Approvals: AMS-2644 and is AMS 2647, ASTM E-165, ASTM E-1417, ASTM E1418, ASME B&PVC Section V, NAVSEA 250-1500, MIL-STD-2132, T9074-AS-G1B-010/271, Boeing BSS 7039 & BAC 20-20-02, RCC-M edition 2000, Velan PS-008, Pratt & Whitney FPM PMC # 4356-7, General Electric Gas Turbines LM6000 PC & Aircraft Engines 70-32-02, Rolls-Royce CSS 232, RRP 58003C (aerosol only M250-C20), Safran IN-5000c; Snecma sensibilité S2, S3, & S4, ISO/FDIS 3452-2006 and EN 571-3*, and Flowserve approved.

It is low in Sulfur, Sodium, Chlorine, Fluorine and other Halogens, making it safe for use on Titanium and high Nickel alloys found in aerospace, medical and nuclear components.